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Are Dentures or Dental Implants in Lauderhill Right for Me?

May 8, 2017

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Den-Care offers dentures and dental implants in Lauderhill.If you are living with tooth loss, you need an effective solution to replace your missing teeth. In the past, your only option were dentures. However, advancements in dentistry have now provided you with another option—dental implants. Although both forms of tooth replacement are effective, most have come to prefer dental implants in Lauderhill, but they are not the right option for everyone. At Den-Care, we will evaluate your oral health, dental needs, and lifestyle preferences to help you choose the best option to regain a complete smile.

Benefit from a Convenient Option

Dentures are often preferred over dental implants because they are affordable and convenient. There are many types of dentures available to meet your specific needs. If you are missing multiple teeth in a row, partial dentures can be used to fill the gap. Complete tooth loss on the top or bottom arch can be treated with conventional dentures.

Dentures feature a gum-colored base that holds the prosthetic teeth. Partial dentures are held in place using a metal framework that is attached to adjacent teeth while conventional dentures use a denture adhesive.

Although they are effective, there are several disadvantages to dentures. You will need to have new dentures made periodically due to bone loss. In addition, there can be slipping and irritation. They will never fully feel like real teeth.

In most cases, everyone can benefit from dentures. If you need a fast and noninvasive means to replace your missing teeth, dentures may be the best option for you.

Benefit from a Lifelong Solution

Dental implants will permanently treat tooth loss by surgically inserting titanium posts into the jaw bone. This requires a lengthy and multi-phased treatment process. However, you will gain a lifelong solution to replace your missing teeth. In addition, dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that most closely mimics the appearance and function of natural teeth.

Dental implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. Depending on how many teeth are being replaced, the process will vary slightly. For example, single tooth replacement will only require one dental implant post, an abutment, and a crown. However, to replace a full arch of teeth, you will need an average of 4 dental implant posts.

This option is also the only solution that stops decreased bone density due to bone loss. By stimulating the bone with the dental implant post, you protect your remaining natural teeth and facial structures from damage.

While dental implants are the most preferred and predictable form of tooth replacement, they do cost more than dentures and require surgery. In addition, not everyone is a candidate for the procedure. You will need a comprehensive evaluation to ensure you are a candidate.

Regain a Complete Smile

Choosing the best form of tooth replacement is a big decision. You do not have to make the choice on your own. Den-Care will help you determine if dental implants or dentures in Lauderhill will best meet your needs. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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