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Relax with IV Sedation from Your Sedation Dentist in Lauderhill

woman dental patient smilingWhile everyone knows that visiting the dentist is essential to taking care of your teeth and keeping your mouth healthy, many people experience serious obstacles that prevent them from doing this. For most, it’s a fear or anxiety that they will experience pain in the chair, and for others, it is a physical or mental disability that makes sitting for an appointment nearly impossible. For all of these people, dentistry now has a solution: IV sedation. With it, your sedation dentist in Lauderhill can help even the most nervous or inhibited patient have a smooth, easy, and stress-free dental experience. If you have avoided going to the dentist for years for any reason, it could be exactly what you need to take care of your teeth in peace.

Who Could Benefit from IV Sedation?

woman relaxing in dental chairOur practice has used IV sedation to successfully treat patients who:

  • Are terrified of the dentist
  • Want to have many procedures completed in one visit
  • Have a physical disability that prevents them from comfortably sitting in the chair
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Are uncooperative or nervous due to Autism, Down’s Syndrome, or other developmental disabilities
  • Have Cerebral Palsy or other ailments that inhibit movement or cause pain
  • Have dementia
  • Have Parkinson’s Disease

IV sedation can be safely used on patients of all ages when applied by a qualified and experienced sedation dentist.

How Does IV Sedation Work?

IV in hand of dental patientIf you choose to use IV sedation, then when you arrive for your dental appointment, you will be given a powerful sedative via a small, painless injection in your hand or arm. Within minutes, you will feel a very deep sense of physical and mental relaxation, and for many, this actually allows them to completely sleep through their appointment. One of the advantages of IV sedation is that your sedation level can actually be adjusted in real-time during your procedure, so whether you need a little more or a little less, your dentist can make sure you’re comfortable the entire time.

Because it is so potent, we do require that anyone undergoing IV sedation have a trusted friend or family member drive them to and from the office the day of their visit, as well as keep an eye on them for a few hours afterward.

Your Premier Sedation Dentist

handshake of dentist and patientOur practice is the only one in the Lauderhill area that offers IV sedation for dental patients. Both of our doctors, Dr. Mark Wilde and Dr. Leslie Haller, have been practicing dentistry for decades and graduated in the top of their class from Emory University and the Harvard School of Dentistry respectively. They have each taken numerous continuing education courses in order to gain a deeper understanding of IV sedation so they can use it to effectively treat even the most sensitive and vulnerable patients with relative ease.

Your Lauderhill Dentist Finding the Right Sedation Option for You

optionsDen-Care actually has a variety of sedation options in addition to IV sedation, so when you come to see us, you can trust that we’ll have exactly what you need to make sure your dental experience is entirely comfortable. We’ll discuss all of your options so we can find the one that suits you best. In the end, no matter which one you choose, you can trust that it will help you finally get the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

To learn more about our sedation options and how they could completely change your next visit to the dentist, please contact us today.